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Our cows  spend most of their lives outdoors enjoying clean, fresh air that make them happy and stress free cow’s. we love & care for our animal our animal receives more individual attention, Lu Lu Cattle Farm in Karachi choose Pakistani cow’s  over foreigner breed because for their ability to produce healthy meat on a 100% grass-fed diet, producing meat with high nutritional components with full of vitamins .
For cows, a natural diet consists of plants that can be “grazed” or “browsed.” Grazing generally refers to the eating of grasses, and browsing usually refers to the eating of leaves, twigs, or bark from bushes or trees. Cows both graze and browse, but they are definitely more “grazers” than “browsers” and their complicated four-part stomach helps them to slowly digest relatively large amounts of grasses. From a historical perspective, consumption of ground grains has not been part of the cows natural diet.

Happy cows are healthy cows

Lu Lu Cattle Farm in Karachi have a quality control programme,  that makes sure that we keep our dairy cows healthy, comfortable and well fed at all times. That’s good for the cows and good for our farm – because healthy cows are happy cows  .


Lu Lu Cattle Farm In Karachi raise our cow’s goat with love and care and gives the best feed to make sure our animal is healthy and vaccinate our all animal timely so you get beautiful healthy cow;s and goat from our farm .




Lu Lu Cattle Farm in Karachi provide vitamins and minerals (balanced diet) to our cow’s  for the growth and hygiene of the animals . A milk giving cow or buffalo can consume about 40 kgs roughage a day.
Lu Lu Cattle Farm gives food such as grains, seeds, rice or wheat bran, and Plenty of water, we include all kind of nutrients to our animal such as: Carbohydrates and Fats: 
Proteins: The main sources of proteins are soybean, mustard seeds, milk byproducts and all kinds of leguminous crops like cowpeas, grams, lentils, peas, etc.
Minerals: The sources of minerals are common salt, bone meal, oyster cells, and ready made mineral mixtures. Calcium and phosphorous . 

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Lu Lu Cattle Farm  in Karachi  bcked by Sadaf Group and Sadaf Group is blessed with its CEO Jibran Jameel whose vision, ideas gives  the new direction in the Cattle Farming in Pakistan, with his vision and guidance and leadership Lu Lu Cattle Farm working toward its Aim to gives Pakistani a healthy and beautiful Animals .

Lu Lu Cattle Farm  thanks to our all customer’s because of their trust and support we are expanding , its our mission to gives our customer healthy and beautiful animal not only to Baka Eid but all year long .


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